I'll Be Gone in the Dark: Why the Suspected Golden State Killer Is Still Awaiting Trial

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, HBO’s new docuseries based on the book of the same name, takes an in-depth look at the search for the Golden State Killer, a rapist and murderer prominent throughout California in the 1970s and 1980s. Though the case is still not fully resolved, the authorities have a suspect in custody who is awaiting trial and possible sentencing if convicted: Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.

Michelle McNamara, the late writer who penned the original book, spent years of her life tying together serial killers and major crimes in California — the East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker, and the Visalia Ransacker. McNamara was able to link them and dubbed the single culprit the Golden State Killer. During the 1970s and 1980s, the Golden State Killer committed rapes, assaults, burglaries, and murders up and down California before going dormant. According to The New York Times, “His victims included women who were home alone and some who were home with their husbands. Sometimes, both husband and wife were killed. He is also thought to have burglarized more than 120 homes.”

McNamara worked on the case and followed the trail until she died in 2016. In 2018, after DNA matching had become more advanced, authorities were able to tie DNA from some of the crimes decades earlier to DNA already in the system for DeAngelo Jr. The former police officer from northern California was charged with 13 counts of murder and several kidnapping and weapons charges. His charges cross several counties in California, and many of them are seeking the death penalty. Prosecutors have even called the Golden State Killer case the “most notorious unsolved serial-rape killing in California history.”

DeAngelo Jr. is still awaiting trial and sentencing if convicted, but The New York Times reported that as of early March, he was planning to plead guilty in exchange for being sentenced to life in prison rather than the death penalty. His public defenders noted that as he’s currently 74 years old, he wanted to take the lifetime sentence and “offered to plead guilty because criminal cases often take years to resolve and the trial process is often very stressful for victims and their families,” The New York Times writes.

As of now, DeAngelo Jr.’s trial has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s unclear what his plea and possible sentence may be. You can watch the whole backstory of the Golden State Killer and McNamara’s quest to find him in HBO’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark starting June 28.

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NCIS on Netflix: When will NCIS season 16 and 17 be on Netflix?

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NCIS had to come to an unexpected early finish as the CBS drama wasn’t able to finish filming before the world went into lockdown. This meant season 17 was shorter than normal with episode Arizona as its new finale. The last instalment starred Back To The Future actor Christopher Lloyd as a Pearl Harbor survivor and ended the series on an emotional note.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS.

Season 16 will most likely be remembered as the series where Agent Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) returned from the dead, having spent years in hiding.

She featured in the last two episodes to warn Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) of a new threat heading its way to him.

Actress de Pablo then came back for a couple more episodes at the beginning of season 17 to fans’ delight.

The main question was if ex-agent Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) and daughter Tali would want her in their lives again.


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After sending an adorable video of Tali asking for her mum to come back, Ziva decided she would head off to Paris to be with the rest of her family.

The team later got a thank you letter from Dinozzo Snr (Robert Wagner) who started spending some time in Paris himself.

Chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) told the rest of the NCIS team: “Senior’s still in Paris with the fam.

“Apparently, by reuniting Ziva with Tony and Tali, NCIS has made him the ‘happiest pop-pop’ ever.”

NCIS season 18 was confirmed earlier this month which will see the return of the cast, including actor Mark Harmon leading the way.

When will NCIS season 16 and 17 be on Netflix?

At the moment, the first 15 seasons of NCIS are available to watch on Netflix US.

This is the season where actress Pauley Perrette who played Abby Sciuto left the show for good and actress Maria Bello joined the cast as Special Agent Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane.

NCIS season 16 first came onto our screens two years ago and series 17 in 2019.

But so far, neither of these latest series are on Netflix and there is a possibility they might never be added to the streaming service.

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CBS All Access launched back in 2014 and while it does still stream episodes after they air on the network, it also features new and exclusive content.

In February last year, CBS series Hawaii FIve-0 left Netflix and so did Blue Bloods in November.

Both of these shows are now only available to stream on CBS All Access.

So far, there is no news about either season 16 or 17 being dropped on Netflix.

As it has now been two years since the release of series 16, there is concern the latest episodes won’t ever feature on streaming giant, as it could be potentially leaving for CBS All

Access like the other network shows.

Express.co.uk will update this article when there is more information on the future of NCIS seasons 16 and 17 coming to Netflix.


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If NCIS does leave Netflix for CBS All Access, then fans may want to subscribe to the service if they wish to still watch the crime drama.

CBS All Access costs $5.99 per month with ads and $9.99 per month without ads, depending on which option you choose.

CBS All Access is an American streaming service and cannot be purchased by those living in the UK.

NCIS season 17 is available to watch on CBS.

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Power: Courtney Kemp reveals original idea for Tommy Egan that Joseph Sikora changed

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Power first appeared on television screens in 2014 and followed James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (played by Omari Hardwick) and his wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) as they run a drugs business and nightclub Truth. Ghost ran both his businesses with his partner in crime Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

The pair had their ups and downs having fallen out a fair few times.

However, at the end, it was clear Tommy would always stand by Ghost as he was seen cradling his friend’s body after his son Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) shot him.

With Ghost dead, Tommy decided to get out of New York and start again as he headed to the West Coast.

Tommy was a big hit with viewers as despite his tough exterior he often allowed himself to be vulnerable with the women he loved like LaKeisha (La La Anthony).


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But the Tommy viewers have seen in Power wasn’t the Tommy creator Courtney had in mind.

Speaking in a Q&A on Instagram, she explained actor Joseph played a key role in changing the character of Tommy.

Asked if she could elaborate on her original idea for Tommy.

Replying to the fan, she explained: “Sure. My original idea for Tommy, he was a little more, a little less independent of Ghost.

“He was a much more under Ghost but Joe came in with a lot more swag I think than I had intended the character to have.

“Joe’s way was the right way. So the idea is to always try to listen and collaborate even if it’s not exactly as you said it.”

It wasn’t just the characters that fans were keen to get more of an insight on with one viewer later asking what her favourite episode was.

“305 probably,” she answered. “That’s the episode where Tommy kills Holly, there is an assassination attempt on Ghost, where they bury Holly, where Ghost saves the ring for Tommy.

“I just got chills, that’s probably one of my favourites.

“I love 206 which is called Why Here? and was written by Gary Lennon, that’s pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, I have a lot of favourites but none of them are ones that I wrote which is weird,” she added.

Also in the chat, Courtney opened up about why she decided Tariq would be the one to shoot Ghost.

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For months fans speculated who shot Ghost with the list of suspects including Tommy and Tasha.

However, in the final episode it was revealed Tariq had pulled the trigger to stop his father from standing in the way of his future.

This referenced Ghost’s decision to shoot Breeze – who was never seen in the series – as he felt he was stopping him from being a successful businessman and growing their drugs enterprise.

Speaking about the decision, Courtney told fans: “Why did I write Tariq to be so unredeemable? That boy’s a monster, he committed patricide.


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“He killed someone who beat him up, I’m confused.”

She continued: “It’s so interesting though, Tariq is not unredeemable to me.

“I think it’s very easy to make that – to go there. But if you don’t understand what he was thinking about, when Ghost had roughed up his mother, when Ghost had threatened him…

“Remember kids learn what we teach them, what had Tariq been taught? Who were Tariq’s parents?

“Tasha, murderer. Ghost, murderer. Tommy, murderer. Kanan, murderer. Those are his four parents. So, I don’t know, nobody had a problem taking a life when the life he took was Ray Ray’s (Marcus Callender), I just wanna point that out.”

Power seasons 1-6 are available to watch on Netflix now.

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Ore Oduba storms off Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow as he loses Play Your Cards Right

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The first instalment of Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow kicked off this evening with a celebrity edition in which This Morning hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford played against Ore and Portia in the penultimate round of Play Your Cards Right. The couples were going head to head in order to make it to the final and play for the chance of winning £30,000 for charity. Unfortunately things didn’t go too well for Ore and Portia.

Kicking off the round, Alan began: “Eamonn and Ruth, the question comes to you first. In Bruce’s original Play Your Cards Right, they asked 100 women in their 30s, if someone offered your husband £1000 to stick a ferret down their trousers, would you let him do it?

“How many said yes they would let him do it?”

Eamonn and Ruth took some time to deliberate the answer before declaring: “55 percent.”

Ore and Portia then gave their guess, saying the answer would be “higher” than 55 percent.


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Alan revealed the answer was 62 percent meaning Ore and Portia had the chance to start the round and decide to play.

The pair managed to work their way along the cards until the penultimate card. They guessed it would be lower than a Jack but it was revealed to be a Queen.

This meant Ruth and Eamonn were given the chance to take over the board and potentially win the round.

Realising they had missed out on the opportunity to go into the final round, Ore could be seen walking off set.

His wife Portia looked on disappointed as Eamonn and Ruth took over the game.

The This Morning couple won the round and made it through to the final with Ore and Portia congratulating them on their win.

Ruth and Eamonn went on to win the game overall and pocketed not only the £30,000 but an extra £3,000 they had won in previous rounds.

The presenters revealed the money would be going to The Alzheimer’s Society.

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As they celebrated their win, Ruth broke down in tears as she was overcome with emotion at their jackpot win.

Tonight’s instalment was the first of several which focus on much-loved game shows.

Over the course of the coming weeks Alan will host The Price is Right, Take Your Pick, Strike it Lucky and Bullseye.

Speaking ahead of the series about presenting the games, Alan said: “We haven’t just recreated them, we have given them a supersizing, made them ‘Epic’, hence the name.


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“We keep all the things that viewers know and love about the shows and then supersize them – bigger sets, bigger prizes and bigger amounts of money.”

Opening up about presenting Play Your Cards Right which was hosted by the late Sir Bruce Forsyth, Alan added: “I’m so glad this is the first one because I think people have a lot of affection for Play Your Cards Right and of course it will always be associated with Sir Bruce Forsyth.

“I can obviously never replace him but I hope I captured some of his enthusiasm, his warmth and sparkle. I really hope I do him proud.”

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow airs Saturday on ITV at 8.15pm

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Gemma Atkinson: ‘Say what you want’ Strictly star talks plans with Gorka after lockdown

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While Hits Radio presenter Gemma Atkinson, 35, and Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez have been at home with their baby daughter Mia during the coronavirus lockdown, the former Hollyoaks star has discussed what she hopes to do as a family once the restrictions have been lifted. The former Emmerdale actress looked back on her “childhood memories” on her Instagram page today.

Say what you want.

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma, who welcomed her baby daughter Mia with Gorka in July last year, has discussed where she plans to take her family as she shared a selection of pictures of herself and Gorka visiting Blackpool.

The TV star wrote to her 1.4 million Instagram followers, divulging: “Say what you want about Blackpool but I bl***y love the place!

“Amazing childhood memories at the pleasure beach followed by fish & chips on the pier before driving through the illuminations.”

The star went on to recall: “I even did the ruff as hell night life once or twice (one of the funniest nights of my life actually that involved a hungover bungee swing off the south pier).


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“Although I won’t be sampling the night life again there, I can’t wait to get back to the pleasure beach next summer and take Mia to see the illuminations,” Gemma explained.

“And of course, take her yearly to see her dad and his buddies in the Grand ballroom.”

The former soap star concluded her post by saying: “It’s the memories made that make a place wonderful…”

Soon after Gemma expressed her hopes about going back to her favourite destination, fans waded in to agree with the presenter.

One quickly penned: “My parents took me and my siblings to Blackpool quite often as kids.

“I always loved going to coral island! Even as an adult I’ve been there & played the 2p machine just like when I was a kid.”

They continued: “Stayed in a few bnbs with my fiance most of which were pleasant, planning to stay there again as soon as its possible.”

Another also added: “Same, this was my summer holiday as a kid, take mine to see the lights every year and they love it, it’s all about the memories you make x.”

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Meanwhile, it comes days after Gemma recently issued Gorka a warning via an Instagram video after the dancer was left alone with Mia for “five minutes” this week.

While the soap star was working on her daily Hits Radio show on Wednesday, partner Gorka was left in charge with Mia.

However, Gemma soon revealed to her 1.4 million followers that she had a surprise waiting for her in the kitchen afterwards.

After the mother-of-one started filming her daughter in a paddling pool, which was in their kitchen, Gemma blurted out: “I leave him alone for five minutes, and I come back to a paddling pool in the kitchen! Oh, Mia.”


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The radio DJ went on to reveal that she came downstairs as a spider was the main issue due to Gorka being too “terrified” to remove it himself.

Gemma added: “And there’s something in there that you want me to get out of there? It’s a spider.”

While showing her followers the size of the tiny spider, she joked with the dancer: “Oh, I can see it. It’s a big one that Gorka. Oh, it is a big one.”

However, as Gemma was carrying the spider outside, the Strictly pro admitted he was going to try and kill it, to which Gemma responded with: “What? If you try and kill it, I’ll kill you.”

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Coronation Street ‘blunder’ uncovered by fans in Oliver Battersby plot: ‘Nowhere near’

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Oliver (played by Emmanuel and Jeremiah Cheetham) has been at the centre of a harrowing child illness storyline on Coronation Street over the past few months after displaying concerning signs something was wrong since the beginning of the year. Parents Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) have been by his side in hospital after the youngster was admitted following several uncontrollable seizures. During Wednesday’s instalment of the ITV soap, the pair were told the diagnosis of a mitochondrial disease means their son will have difficulty with cognitive function. However, some viewers became distracted from the drama on screen as they seemed to notice a set blunder.

Weatherfield General Hospital has been the focal point of many storylines on the cobbles-based soap and is a setting which will be used more regularly as Oliver’s plot continues.

Angie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) has also taken a position as a nurse in recent months, meaning she will be on hand to offer medical support to the family.

Of course, these scenes aren’t actually filmed in a hospital, but rather a study which cameras can workaround to get their shots.

However, producers work hard to ensure the mirage isn’t spoilt and do everything they can to make it seem the environment is in the real world.

Wednesday night’s episode did cause a bit of confusion though when it seemed reality had just slipped through as fans spotted a blunder.


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The moment came as Leanne and Steve had just been given an update on their son’s condition and it was the time for an advertisement to play out.

To cut between the two scenes, a sign for Weatherfield General Hospital was displayed.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something different about another bit of the background as they spotted what seemed to be a sign for studio two, signifying this was a set.

Taking to social media, viewers of the ITV soap couldn’t believe what they’d seen and commented on what they believed to be a blunder.

Weatherfield General is nowhere near Studio 2

Coronation Street viewer

One clued up viewer wrote on Twitter: “Weatherfield General is nowhere near Studio 2, honest,” and they weren’t the only one.

A second added: “I love how you can tell that from the outside that it’s just a sign which reads Walford general hospital which is just put up outside the Corrie studios.”

Whilst a third commented on the micro-blogging site: “Weatherfield you mean?” pointing out the location error.

No matter the blurred lines between drama and reality, the coming weeks will see Oliver’s parents come to terms with their son’s illness.

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Viewers have already seen the first signs of how the toddler will be affected by the mitochondrial disease diagnosis.

After suffering multiple seizures, it seems the child now has problems with his vision, which the doctors explained had come as a result of the distress caused to the brain.

Although Steve is trying to stay strong for his son, Leanne is currently unable to contemplate Oliver has a possible life-limiting illness.

At present, she thinks there could be hope the youngster will get better, but there is currently no cure.


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Mitochondrial disease is the name given to a condition whereby the mitochondria in the cells of the body do not produce enough energy to enable everyday functions.

As time goes on, viewers and the characters will learn more about the debilitating illness and what it means with regards to an individual’s lifespan.

Executive Producer Iain MacLeod told press, including Express.co.uk: “Above all, we wanted to do justice to the stories of the many thousands of families who have to deal with diagnoses similar to Oliver’s, be it a mitochondrial disorder or another life-limiting condition.

“It is something that, as a society, we find difficult to talk about but which is all too common. The taboo around these illnesses can mean awareness is low, which means funding for research is low.”

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV.

If you have been affected by Leanne and Oliver’s storyline, please visit the Coronation Street advice page here for more information and support.

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Step Up TV series saved almost a year after shock cancellation with third season confirmed – The Sun

STEP Up: High Water has been saved after almost a year after it was cancelled, as a third season has now been confirmed.

The show seemingly came to an end in August 2019 after it was cancelled by YouTube, but the The Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-produced series is now back up and running.

It's good news for fans as American TV channel Starz saved the day and picked up the series and will be showing its third installment.

Like seasons one and two, the third series of the show will also consist of 10 episodes.

Several characters will be returning for the new batch of episodes such as Ne-Yo as Sage Odom, the founder of the famed High Water Performing Arts School, and Glee star Naya Rivera as his partner Collette.

Lionsgate Television Group chairman Kevin Beggs spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and gave his thoughts on the long-awaited return of the exciting and quirky series.

He said: "The latest installment of Step Up not only re-imagines the entire franchise but is filled with high energy, lots of heart and electrifying dance moves, and we're very excited to reunite the talented cast and creative teams for another great season.

"The latest instalment of Step Up not only reimagines the entire franchise but is filled with high energy, lots of heart and electrifying dance moves, and we're very excited to reunite the talented cast and creative teams for another great season."

Petrice Jones, Faizon Love, Marcus Mitchell, Jade Chynoweth, Carlito Olivero, Terrence Green, Eric Graise and Kendra Oyesanya and are all set to return.

Lucifer star Tricia Helfer is a new name that is set to join the cast for the new season.

The new series has been created by Holly Sorenson and it will now be known simply as 'Step Up' and no longer 'Step Up: High Water'.

The first two seasons of the show will be made available on Starz in advance of the series 3 premiere.

Starz's head of originals Christina Davis is pleased to have the web series now part of their network.

She commented: "Holly and her team have created a new and dynamic iteration of the series that captures the hallmarks that have made the Step Up franchise so successful and elevates the storytelling for the premium, global audience.

"This, coupled with the worldwide appeal of the multi-talented, multicultural cast, will make this series a great addition to our slate."

Watch seasons 1 and 2 of Step Up: High Water on YouTube Premium now

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These Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Schitt's Creek Cast Have Me Weeping Like a Bébé

This Photo From the Day the Cast Shot the Show’s Very Last Scene

Ever since the curtain closed on Schitt’s Creek‘s sixth and final season, I’ve been trying my darnedest to hang onto the series for dear life. My attempts to fill the giant, disgruntled pelican-shaped void left by the show’s departure led me to stumble upon the Instagram accounts of Lucky Bromhead and Ana Sorys, the makeup artist and hairstylist behind some of Schitt’s Creek‘s best looks, respectively. Both insanely talented women worked in some capacity on all six seasons of the Canadian sitcom and have shared tons of prime behind-the-scenes content of the cast through the years.

From funny pictures of Catherine O’Hara (Moira Rose) goofing off on set to videos of Annie Murphy (Alexis Rose) and Dan Levy (David Rose) singing and dancing along to music between scenes, Lucky and Ana have blessed fans with some seriously A+ footage. If you, too, are experiencing Rose family withdrawals, take a look through some of the best snaps ahead to see just how close the Schitt’s Creek squad is even when the cameras aren’t rolling. So, how about a seventh season, Dan?

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Rachel Riley: Countdown star talks ‘bad habits’ at home with Pasha after lockdown shake-up

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Countdown star Rachel Riley, 34, has said she had just got into a routine of being a new mum with baby Maven, but has now developed “bad habits” due to being off work amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Channel 4 presenter welcomed her first child with her husband and former Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Pasha Kovalev, 40, last December.

I’ve developed bad habits.

Rachel Riley

Rachel, who has presented Countdown since 2009, had returned to work after her maternity leave but is now at home after production was halted due to the pandemic.

Speaking to MailOnline, the maths whizz divulged: “We had just finished filming the second block.

“And I was just finding my feet being back at work and being a mum.”

“I was just getting my schedule sorted out,” Rachel explained.


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The star went on to explain how Maven has never been happier to have her and Pasha both at home.

Rachel discussed: “I’ve developed bad habits because there’s now this enforced maternity leave that Pasha and I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

“So we are home with Maven all the time. That means we’ve got a very happy baby!”

However, while her Channel 4 colleague Nick Hewer recently spoke out about how filming could continue in June on Good Morning Britain, the mother-of-one has confessed it will be “unlikely”.

Rachel explained: “I think that it’s unlikely we’ll be back in June.

“We are not going to do anything until it is safe,” she added.

“Channel 4 is following advice and watching what happens. But when we do go back we won’t have an audience at first.”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the presenter admitted her colleagues on the hit quiz show are “just as filthy as you can imagine”.

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Rachel went into detail about her experience hosting Sky’s National General Knowledge Test with 100 quiz questions and often notices cheeky phrases while she is working.

After she was quizzed on how often she laughs when funny words are spelled out on the Countdown board, the TV star shared: “All the time!

“In my ear, the producers and the gallery are just as filthy as you can imagine and they try to make me laugh.”

She continued: “There’s always rude stuff and Nick and Susie [Dent] generally don’t notice some of the rude words that I might notice, so that can be funny at times.”


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The TV favourite also stated how many words are “too rude” to be shown on the show.

Rachel announced: “Some of them are alright on the night but a lot of them are too rude to repeat.

“Every time there’s one rude word you get 30 rude words that have happened before.”

She went on to say: “But it’s good daytime fun that little kids can watch with their grandparents, but sometimes you get absolute filth!”

Countdown airs weekdays from 2.10pm on Channel 4.

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Death in Paradise: Who was DI Humphrey Goodman’s wife in Death in Paradise? Who plays her?

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Death in Paradise finished airing its ninth season earlier this year, where new detective DI Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) was welcomed onto the island. The BBC One drama has been renewed for another season and so is expected to return in early 2021. This could be pushed back though as most shows are currently unable to film due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What happened to DI Humphrey Goodman’s wife?

After DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) was murdered with an ice pick in the first episode of season three, DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) was called upon to investigate the case.

He travelled all the way from London to find Richard’s killer and subsequently took on the role.

In this same episode when Humphrey was introduced, he received a voice message from his wife Sally Goodman (Morven Christie) saying she wasn’t going to move to Saint Marie and their marriage was over.

Not long after this message, Sally appeared in an episode of Death in Paradise.


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Having thought about her relationship with Humphrey, Sally flew to Saint Marie so she could try and give their marriage another go.

While he felt pleased to see her, Humphrey knew it was too late for them.

When she said about them getting back together, the detective rejected her offer saying it was too late for the couple to rekindle their romance.

He felt she wasn’t trying to save their relationship, but instead save herself and use him in the process.

Explaining his decision, Humphrey said: “You didn’t come with me. I was here, waiting for our fresh start, and you left me a message on an answer-phone

“I was trying to save us, and you were trying to save yourself.

“So… I found different… and I found new, and I found exciting… and I did all that without you.

“I’m someone else now, Sal. It’s true, Sally. I’m rum punch and you’re still gin and slim.”

During his time on Saint Marie, Humphrey also started getting feelings for DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) which may have played a part in ending his marriage with Sally.

Following their break-up, Sally left the island and Humphrey and flew back to the UK to start again.

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Who played DI Humphrey Goodman’s wife?

Sally Goodman was played by 38-year-old Scottish actress Morven Christie.

Most recently, Christie is starring in BBC One drama as Alison Hughes in The A Word, a series about an autistic boy and his family who are learning to cope with the condition and finding a sense of normality.

Last year, Christie also starred in The Bay and the year before that Ordeal By Innocence.

Her most well-known role would most likely be in ITV’s Grantchester.


  • Death in Paradise: Who killed DI Richard Poole in Death in Paradise?

Christie was first introduced in Grantchester in 2014 as Amanda Hopkins.

She had an on-off relationship with Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and in season three he decides to move into a dingy flat with her in London.

However, he quickly realises it was a mistake and ends the relationship.

Christie left the series in 2017 after the onscreen break-up and was not seen again in Grantchester.

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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