Coronation Street confirms major character return for sinister storyline

In July actor Liam McCheyne revealed that he’d soon be returning to Coronation Street after an absence of some months.

Liam has been playing the role of Sean Tully (Antony Cotton)’s son Dylan Wilson since 2011, alongside his brother Connor. The character left Weatherfield to live with his mum in London, but returned in 2020 as Dylan tried to build his relationship with his dad but was caught up in the dramas surrounding Sean’s poor choice of boyfriends.

Liam is set to return to the role on a more permanent basis and he’ll be tackling a very hard-hitting and sinister storyline.

A character called Mason (Luca Toolan), who has already caused trouble at the school by making fun of Ruby Dobbs (Billie Naylor), takes Dylan under his wing and the two set about bullying young Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall).

Luca Toolan told us about the character of Mason.

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‘He’s a very angry and disturbed soul. People are like that for reasons. Hopefully in the future, we might be able to explore a little bit more of why he’s become the way he’s become,’ he said, insisting, ‘I would stay away from people like Mason.’

If only Dylan could heed this advice, but sadly he very quickly falls under Mason’s corrupting influence, as Liam McCheyne explained.

‘My whole description of Dylan is that he just wants to fit in. He wants to make friends no matter what, probably because of his previous encounters in London,’ he told us.

‘He wants to fit in with the cool kids and be like them. He doesn’t want to be what he was in London – it’s a total change to who he previously was. It’s almost like a new start for him and he can have a bit of freedom so I think that would make him very easily influenced.’

The storyline will lead to some high drama for a lot of the characters, as Dylan’s behaviour towards Liam leads Sean, Maria (Samia Longchambon) and Gary (Mikey North) to get involved on behalf of their sons.

Liam said that Sean makes an attempt early on to stop Mason having such an influence over his son, but Dylan refuses to listen.

‘I think Dylan is very naive in what he’s going into,’ he speculated. ‘I think Sean realises how dangerous Mason’s influence is but Dylan ignores him quite a lot. Mason isn’t a true friend to Dylan, but as I’ve said he’s very easily influenced so I don’t think he realises what he’s getting himself into.’

He revealed that Mason is more dangerous than Dylan could even imagine, and Dylan is quickly out of his depth.

‘It’s a balance of both wanting to fit in and being scared of him. When we start hearing of what Mason has done, and we don’t actually know what else he’s capable of doing. Ultimately, we’re not going to go against him.’

Asked about what advice he would give to his character in the situation he said, ‘My advice would be to only listen to the people around you that mean a lot to you – your family and your true friends. I would like to tell Dylan to listen to them because they’re only looking out for your best interests.’

Sadly it looks like it’s a lesson Dylan will only find out the hard way.

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