Coronation Street spoiler video: Carla confides in Roy about LSD suspicions

Coronation Street's Carla Connor confides in Roy Cropper this week as she starts to work out what really happened to her earlier this year.

Viewers will recall that murderer Stephen Reid was drugging Carla with LSD to make her think that she was having another psychotic episode.

His evil plan worked, and despite Carla saying that some of her symptoms were different to the ones that she experienced during her other episodes.

Carla admitted that she needed to take time away from her job running the factory, and she went off to rehab, leaving Stephen in charge.

Following her return from rehab, Carla has taken a step back from her business and has been looking to sell to focus on her mental health.

She has never suspected any foul play in her breakdown until now, following a conversation with Lou, the widow of Stephen's latest murder victim, Rufus.

During Wednesday, 30 August's episode, Lou and Carla meet up for a chat, where Lou shocks Carla by revealing that Rufus used to use LSD.

Lou describes the symptoms of the drug, and it starts to resonate with Carla.

As she starts to think about what happened to her, Carla heads over to Roy's rolls to speak to Roy about her theory.

She explains to him that the symptoms she experienced are identical to the ones that you can get from LSD.

However, Roy doesn't follow Carla's trail of thought in terms of the drugs.

She explains to him: "What if I wasn't having a psychotic episode, what if somebody had drugged me with LSD."

Roy looks confused after Carla explains her suspicions, and he is not convinced by what she is saying to him.

Following on from their conversation, Roy goes to speak to Carla's husband, Peter Barlow, as he believes she is suffering from paranoia again.

Little do they know that Carla is actually right, and for all of that time, Stephen was putting the drug in her tea at the cafe.

Stephen was getting the LSD from Rufus for a period of time before he worked out what he was doing to his boss.

Rufus threatened to tell Carla what was going on, but Stephen killed him before he had the chance.

The businessman was killed at home in his pool by Stephen, but he got away with the murder, despite leaving his tie pin at the scene of the crime.

His wife believes that there is more to his death, and with Carla working out about LSD, the end could be coming for Stephen.

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