Corrie star reveals if Tyrone and Evelyn are finished for good after betrayal

Coronation Street fans recently saw Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) agree to get to know his mum, Cassie (Claire Sweeney), despite Evelyn Plummer’s (Maureen Lipman) insistence that she couldn’t be trusted.

Deciding that he wanted to make this mistake on his own terms, Tyrone refused to let Evelyn move back in with him, leaving her hurt that he would choose his mum over her.

His decision came after Cassie revealed what her childhood was like with Evelyn as a mum, painting her in a bad light and even going so far as to tell him that she had blamed Cassie for her father’s death.

‘Obviously Tyrone’s only getting part of the story, and of course Evelyn can be quite guarded and closed off about things and therefore it is hard to piece it together,’ actor Alan Halsall explained.

‘If you think about all those years and years and years of what she was going through with Cassie and she was still trying to help her and in some ways she’s trying to rectify it all through Tyrone and the girls but Tyrone just can’t quite see that yet.

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‘He feels betrayed by Evelyn at the moment. In terms of not understanding why she would lie to him if she’s supposed to love him. He can’t quite see that. There was a lot of love involved in those lies and probably a lot of pain for Evelyn too.’

Tyrone and Evelyn’s bond has always been strong, so it would be understandable for Tyrone to miss having her around, as Alan reveals he does.

‘I think very quickly Tyrone and Evelyn had this relationship where it was the first real family that he had had after so many years, that he just gravitated everything towards Evelyn and even though he rolled his eyes every week, over something she said or something she did, she was a real big strength for Tyrone.

‘I think he feels really betrayed by this situation because he opened up so much to Evelyn and to find out she lied to him about his mum has hurt him so much, even though she said she tried to protect him.

‘But you know, essentially, I think he is missing her guidance, he is missing everything about her really because, like I say even though he rolls his eyes every week, he absolutely loves her.’

However, Tyrone can be stubborn – we wonder where he gets it from? – and there is every possibility that he may not accept Evelyn back into the fold after she lied to him for so long.

Despite this, Alan believes there could be a way back for Tyrone and Evelyn.

‘For Tyrone, the last five years having Evelyn in his life has been huge and they always got on really well. He looks up to her as an advisor and loves her.

‘I think he just feels betrayed, but there’s something that I do know about Tyrone is that he can forgive people and you know, I think he would, he absolutely wants to all the way through. He wants Evelyn in his life and wants to forgive.

‘They have moments when you think they are going to be friends again when he hears what Evelyn is saying and wants to take it on board. But then Cassie says something that changes in his mind.

‘And he really is torn because for the first time in a long time he’s got two family members telling him something and he just doesn’t know where to turn with it.

‘His absolute dream would be to have the four generations under one roof and the four generations together as a family.’

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