Katie Price gets SEVENTH dog despite string of her pets suffering grisly deaths – saying ‘what difference is one more?’ | The Sun

KATIE Price has got her seventh dog – despite calls for her to be banned from owning pets.

The 45-year-old revealed she has rescued a black Labrador puppy because she “couldn’t say no” – admitting “what difference is another one?”

Katie has come under fire in the past after the deaths of at least seven pets in her care and a petition was even launched to stop her getting more.

Speaking to her sister on their podcast The Katie Price show, she explained: “Fifteen minutes before I come on her, I get a call from a friend across the road, ‘Kate, someone has just given me a puppy, they can’t have it, can you have it?’

"I am like, ‘What is it?’ ‘A black Labrador’ and I went, ‘Aw I really can’t have any more dogs’ and I said just bring it over.

“So I have got a nine-week-old Labrador puppy. They had puppies, sold it to someone and they got it for their kid who has got autism but the kid is going absolutely mad with it.

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"They have had it three weeks, the puppy must be 12 weeks, sorry. Tiny it is.

“I said, ‘Bring it around, so I have rescued a dog.”

Her sister Sophie questioned why she would get another one and she told her:  “I couldn’t say no, it turned up and needs a home, so I have rescued a black Labrador pup.

"The dogs are all going crazy and it’s a little girl and I don’t normally have little girls because of their periods because it’s mess, but I couldn’t say no.

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“So now I have added another dog to the six dogs and just like kids,  I am like, ‘What difference is another one?’ So I have two puppies to train at the moment.”

Mum-of-five Katie already cares for four Chihuahuas named Captain, Buddy, Colin, and Batman, a French Bulldog named Precious and a German Shepherd called Tank.

In June of this year Katie’s protection dog Blade was hit by a car.

The tragedy happened just seven months after another of Katie's dogs, Sharon, was killed on the same road.

The year before that, a delivery driver hit her Alsatian, Queenie, who was gifted to her by ex Kieran hayler on her 38th birthday.

In 2020 a second Alsatian, Sparkle, was hit by a car after escaping onto the A24.

Months later, French Bulldog Rolo suffocated after being squashed underneath a chair.

Katie also had to give away an out-of-control Alsatian, Bear, for attacking other animals.

Katie’s troubled pet history

November 2017

One of Katie's horses was killed on the A24 after it broke lose from its field. She announced the death on social media and said she was devastated.

February 2018

Katie's dog Queenie was hit by a car near her home, with the former model blaming a delivery driver for leaving the gate open.

November 2018

Katie claimed the family's pet chameleon, called Marvin, died from a broken heart after her children Junior and Princess moved in with her ex husband Peter Andre. 

February 2020

Her Alsatian Sparkle lost her life after getting lose and being hit by a car. Katie posted the news on social media but was hammered by fans who called for her to be more careful.

July 2020

Fans rounded on Katie after her daughter Princess's puppy Rolo suffocated. JRC Bullies who gifted the dog to Katie were furious and said: "We are heartbroken that this has happened as we told Katie not to leave a small puppy on its own. "We can’t believe that the puppy was left unattended as we had left strict instructions.”

November 2022

Katie came under fire after she revealed her pomeranian Sharon had been hit by a car and killed outside her Horsham home.June 2023

Katie was slammed by PETA after her seventh pet was killed. She revealed her dog blade had been run over on the same stretch as road as her last dog Sharon.

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