Lucy Fallon to be at the centre of Coronation Street’s biggest storyline teases soap boss | The Sun

CORONATION Street boss Iain MacLeod has teased that Lucy Fallon’s fan-favourite character Bethany Platt will be at the centre of one of the soap’s biggest upcoming storylines.

27-year-old Lucy is set to reprise her role at Christmas after years away from Weatherfield.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, ITV soap boss Iain confirmed that after years away, Bethany will return to the cobbles and is set to be at the centre of a huge story involving her ex Daniel 0sbourne (Rob Mallard) which will air next year. 

Teasing what viewers can expect from the upcoming storyline, Iain teased: “She’s coming back with this clear romantic purpose in the Daniel story but then will fairly quickly find herself in the midst of this massive story that’s going to span most of next year. 

“It’s really exciting stuff and the performances in this character group are just off the chart.”

The Sun exclusively revealed last week that Bethany is one of five major characters to return to the cobbles in the coming weeks. 


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She left Weatherfield back in 2020 when she moved to London. But now Bethany is heading back up north again. 

Viewers should expect explosive scenes from the moment she arrives back on the street. 

Iain explained: “Into the middle of this really very volatile cocktail arrives Bethany, who’s obviously got lots of history with Daniel, and that very much sharpens Daisy’s (Charlotte Jordan) focus in terms of how she feels about Daniel. 

“Suddenly this guy that she may have been starting to move away from, possibly by force of will, suddenly there’s a romantic threat on the cards and that recalibrates how she feels about the whole enterprise.

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“It’s a really brilliant, classic soap story, I think. We were, without duplicating anything, attempting to go for something that had the same level of emotional heft as some of the classic affairs of yore – the Deirdre and Mike stuff, something that’s a love triangle for the ages I suppose. 

“It’s going to run deep into next year as all these unresolved feelings are buried, but like all good buried feelings, they all come back to the surface with a bang or two across the following twelve months. 

“So Bethany’s back and we’re all fantastically excited to have her back. She’s incredibly well liked around the building. The viewers love her.”

But, having been away from the soap for almost four years, Bethany is no longer the girl viewers remember. 

“She’s a slightly different proposition now from when we last saw her – there’s been a number of years that have elapsed, she’s grown up quite a lot, she’s had the beginnings of a successful journalism career in London and she turns back up and is instantly a foe for Daisy. 

“They’re very evenly matched now – Bethany might once have seemed like a younger woman or a girl; she’s very much more a woman now, more on Daisy’s level, so it’s a really heavyweight tussle between these two women, which I’m really looking forward to seeing more of.”

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