Lucy Watson trashes claims veganism led to fertility issues – baby will follow same diet

Made In Chelsea star Lucy Watson has been forced to hit back at criticism that her vegan diet caused fertility problems and has confirmed she plans to raise her baby on the same diet.

Lucy, 32, announced that she and husband James Dunmore were expecting their first child last week, and in an Instagram Q and A with fans she revealed that she had faced constant questioning about her plant-based diet since then.

One fan asked her: "How is like being vegan and pregnant? Will you raise your baby vegan?"

Lucy, who has published two vegan cookbooks and opened a vegan restaurant, replied that she had been grilled on the effects of her diet while trying to get pregnant and since she announced her happy news.

She wrote: "So many questions about veganism, whether I'm still vegan, etc…for me veganism is a promise I made to the animals, one I will never break. No matter what.

"In terms of my diet, I've made a conscious effort to eat less processed food and more whole foods. Also – protein. I made sure I got at least 60g a day, protein is the building blocks of life and essential to grow a baby. Very achievable to get everything you need on a vegan diet, you just need to make a conscious effort, such as with any diet, to meet all nutritional needs. I have also been taking the ritual pre natal throughout lead up to conception and now being pregnant."

Lucy continued: "I've had many people along this journey tell me – you need to give up the vegan diet, it's stopping you getting pregnant etc. That is not the case, and for anyone else dealing with the same doubts, I can assure you it is and can be a very healthy approach to pregnancy.

"There are people who are crack addicts and get pregnant, being vegan is not going to stop you."

She ended her reply: "And yes, our baby will be vegan." When Lucy announced her pregnancy, she shared a photo showing her growing bump and captioned it: "Our little miracle."

The wording lead to questions in an Instagram Q&A, with one person asking: "Why did you write miracle – had you struggled to conceive?"

Lucy had answered: "A lot of people asking this. I genuinely believe every baby is a miracle, but yes we did have our struggles.

"I think we went into it like most, thinking it would happen easily. It was definitely not the case for us. There were times when it felt like bad news after bad news. It was never ending and the light at the end of the tunnel felt faint."

She shared that she and James had been to see specialists over a period of years and said: "For everyone struggling, I see you and I feel your pain."

Lucy and James met on Made In Chelsea in 2015, but have both since left the reality show and got married in 2021.

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