Boris Becker serves up a new role on TV… selling motorhomes

Boris Becker serves up a new role on TV… selling motorhomes: Disgraced tennis star is the face of advertising campaign on German TV

  • Tennis legend Boris Becker was imprisoned for insolvency offences last year 

Disgraced Tennis star Boris Becker will become the face of a new German television advertising campaign, selling used motorhomes.

‘Boom-boom’ Becker, once the winner of six Grand Slam victories and an Olympic gold medallist, has been pictured in a shoot for Wohn Mobil Park, posing in front of a camper with the line: ‘Visit somewhere else more often: exactly my thing.’ 

Visit also translates as ‘serve’ from the German. 

Becker, 55, is snapped in brightly-coloured PR shots, smiling, in a checked shirt and with his arms folded.

The tennis star will be looking to pay off his debts and stabilise his finances after being imprisoned for insolvency offences last year.

Becker landed a two-and-a-half year sentence in April 2022 for hiding millions in assets after declaring himself bankrupt – but was released from prison in Britain in December.

Boris Becker appears in an advertising campaign, selling motorhomes in his native Germany

Left: Lillian De Carvalho Monteiro and Boris Becker are seen during the Milan Fashion Week on September 21, 2023. Right: Boris Becker celebrates his defeat of Kevin Curren during the Men’s Singles final of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship on 7th July 1985

Becker will replace Konny Reimann, 68, a former TV star who represented the brand between 2021 until October 2023. 

Since his release, Becker has made a number of appearances as he looks to rebuild his public persona.

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On Thursday, November 19, he announced his return to tennis as he revealed he was coaching the hugely talented Dane Holger Rune. 

But, as the terms of his release from prison state he is banned from entering the UK – the icon was barred from Wimbledon this summer and will be still next year.

Speaking about his new coaching role with Rune, the six-time Grand Slam singles champion said: ‘It makes me a little proud that he asked me. The contact has existed for a long time. Not it was a very good fit.’

With the help of business-savvy partner and risk analyst Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro, 34, Becker has secured a string of impressive gigs in spite of the conviction.

Lilian is the official managing director of BFB GmbH (Boris Franz Becker), and is now steering Boris’s comeback course after his split from recent advisors. 

In February, the German took to the stage at a film festival in Berlin to promote his film ‘Boom! Boom! The World vs Boris Becker’, a documentary covering his triumphs, failures and everything in between. 

In the film Becker is seen solemnly accepting his conviction and wrestling with his life’s missteps.

Becker then pocketed a massive fee for doing a TV interview with German broadcaster SAT 1., chose to live in a boutique hotel, and soon landed a cushy job as a commentator on Eurosport. 

For all his catastrophic money management, he has often managed to secure advertising deals for a wide range of leading companies, including AOL, Mercedes, and Puma.

Boris Becker is pictured with his partner, Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro, at the premiere of ‘Boom! Boom! The World vs Boris Becker’ Berlinale International Film Festival on 19 February

Becker is pictured a decade a part (left in 2011 and right in 2021) commentating for the BBC at Wimbledon despite numerous financial and relationship scandals

Becker was declared bankrupt in June 2017, owing creditors almost £50mn, and in April 2022 was sent to Wandsworth prison for insolvency offences.

He failed to declare his share in a £1 million property in his home town of Leimen, Germany, hid a bank loan of almost £700,000 – worth £1.1million with interest.

The star was found to have also concealed 75,000 shares in a tech firm, valued at £66,000.

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