Interesting Facts About the Pharma Business

The present-day pharmaceutical market is on the radar of many businessmen, investors, and even traders. The indices of pharma companies including ones of the progressive Mexican pharmacy around the world became extremely powerful with the standing tendency to grow.

The main reason is the coronavirus outbreak in 2017 and the global vaccination that takes place even now. What are other interesting things to know about the pharma business in the world? Take a closer look at 5 hot-topic facts that can surprise you.

Fact #1: Mexican Pharma Market Has Been Booming Since 2007

The pharmaceutical market in Latin America is ever-growing today. The most active and dynamic pharma business is in Mexico. Hence, online Mexican pharmacy has almost reached the top standards of the Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development.

The membership in OECD provides the capacity to export Mexican medicine to foreign countries and become well-known worldwide. Among the leading pharmaceutical companies that perform the best Mexican pharmacy standards, terms, and legal backgrounds are Medicinesmexicorx.

 Fact #2: Latin America Is About Low Production Costs

The Latin pharma manufacturing costs are approximately 18% lower than those in OECD regions. What’s more, such types of medicine as gels, alkaloids, disinfectants, antiserums, antibiotics, and herbal products are common exports to the United States of America, Panama, Columbia, Switzerland, and Venezuela. For the EU countries, typical imports from the certified Mexican pharmacy are vaccines and diagnosis supplies.

The overfilled gap between consumption and fabrications is about $5 billion for the domestic ecommerce market. So, the fact of low costs in the local and online drug stores on non-specific bioequivalent brands and generics is expected.

Fact #3: The Generic Phenomenon of the Mexican Origin

In 1997, Mexico initiated and adopted the law of regulating & stimulating the efficiency of generics. They are qualified as Genericos Intercambiables. GIs are the products with an equivalent form of active medicine that are as efficient as the brand ones. ⅔ (more than 75%) of the worldwide pharma business in the context of generics is located in Mexico.

Those drugs must be bioequivalent, pass all the required tests, and meet international protocols. If the analog form passes, it will switch to another GI with no treatments. Now, the generic phenomenon of Mexican origin takes place. About 81% of respondents are willing to purchase branded analogs at a reduced price but with the same efficiency level.

Fact #4: Necessity of Safe Medication for Pain Relief

Mexican pharmacy online together with Italian pharma companies are working in the field of pediatrics while implementing innovations in pharmacology. The main idea is to invent safe drugs to relieve painful sensations when it comes to:

  • kids;
  • elderlies;
  • people with low tolerance to active agents;
  • and other groups of patients.

International Pharma Market (IPM) expects and supports the start of Mexico in the context of new-gen and risk-free medications. This way, only safe generics available for most categories of patients will hit the market. Mexico would be a key driver for a harmless antipain medicine.

Fact #5: Pharma Giants Invest in Mexico

Mexican pharma business representatives attract the biggest investments in the last several years. Additionally, six pharmaceutical giants like Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Ackerman Pharma, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Hetero Drugs, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals invest in the Mexican pharma cluster.