Israel-Hamas LIVE: Israeli soldiers storm Gaza's al Shifa hospital'

Israel-Hamas LIVE: Israeli soldiers storm Gaza’s al Shifa hospital in ‘targeted operation’ to root out Hamas terrorists as doctors inside describe ‘terrifying’ situation for trapped patients

UN head of Humanitarian Affairs condemns Israeli raid on al Shifa hospital

'Stop this horror,' UNICEF chief urges

The United Nations children’s agency says its top official visited the Gaza Strip early Wednesday and met with children and their families in the Nasser hospital in Khan Younis, in the south of the territory.

‘What I saw and heard was devastating. They have endured repeated bombardment, loss and displacement,’ UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell said. ‘Inside the Strip, there is nowhere safe for Gaza’s one million children to turn.’

She added: ‘The parties to the conflict are committing grave violations against children; these include killing, maiming, abductions, attacks on schools and hospitals, and the denial of humanitarian access – all of which UNICEF condemns.

‘I am here to do whatever I can to advocate for the protection of children. I once again call on all parties to ensure that children are protected and assisted, as per international humanitarian law. Only the parties to the conflict can truly stop this horror.’

Breaking: First fuel truck enters Gaza from Egypt: Egyptian media

The first fuel truck has entered the Gaza Strip from Egypt via the Rafah border, according to Egyptian media.

This is a breaking news update, more details to follow…

GRAPHIC: IDF prepare to storm Hamas terror tunnels where terrorists lie in wait

Israeli forces are now massed near the gates of Gaza City’s main hospital, ready to storm the labyrinth of tunnels they say are underneath the medical centre where Hamas terrorists lie in wait.

Their aim is to enter the 300 mile network of tunnels that are below the Al-Shifa hospital and Gaza City as a whole and annihilate the terrorists who rampaged through Israel and slaughtered 1,200 Israelis.

But that is no easy task. Subterranean fighting is notoriously lethal work, especially when Israeli soldiers are fighting against heavily armed Hamas terrorists who know every hiding place and have access to a stash of rockets, grenades and guns.

The terrorists have operated within the complex network of reinforced tunnels underneath civilian buildings for years, some of which are buried up to 40ft underground and all of which could conceal an ambush, be booby-trapped – or worse – filled with explosives and primed to cave in.

This means the Israeli military will have to draw on a variety of technology and weaponry – like ‘killer’ drones, attack dogs and ‘sponge’ bombs – to help their soldiers ‘destroy’ the terrorists deep within the tunnels.

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WATCH: Israeli troops enter Gaza to launch raid on Al Shifa hospital

Witnesses describe seeing Israeli soldiers enter Gaza's largest hospital

Israeli forces raided Gaza’s largest hospital Wednesday, targeting what they say is a Hamas command centre in tunnels beneath thousands of patients and civilians seeking refuge from intense combat.

Doctors trapped inside al Shifa hospital describe 'terrifying' situation for trapped patients

Israeli tanks have rolled into the al Shifa hospital compound while scores of soldiers stormed buildings including the emergency and surgery departments, which house intensive care units, as patients screamed in terror as part of their mission to root out the terrorists, medics trapped inside said.

Mohammed Zaqout, the director of hospitals in Gaza, said the patients who are trapped inside the medical facility are terrified after they saw the heavily armed soldiers storm the hospital in the early hours of this morning.

‘They are screaming, it’s a very terrifying situation. We can do nothing but pray,’ Zaquot said.

Israeli soldiers storm Gaza's al Shifa hospital in 'targeted operation'

Israeli soldiers have stormed Gaza City’s main hospital to root out the Hamas terrorists US intelligence has said are hiding in underground command centre as Palestinian authorities have called for a ceasefire to evacuate trapped civilians.

The Israeli military entered the sprawling Al-Shifa hospital early Wednesday morning in a ‘precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area’ of the facility, the IDF said, in what could be a pivotal moment in the bloody war.

Israeli soldiers and tanks had surrounded the hospital in recent days, where the IDF and US have insisted Hamas are hiding in underground tunnels beneath the building and using the patients as human shields – claims the terrorists deny.

But the storming of the hospital is a key moment in the war and will show once and for all whether Hamas terrorists have indeed based their secret headquarters underneath the hospital while using the most vulnerable civilians as human shields.

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