Jilted mother spared jail after setting fire to picture of ex's gran

Jilted mother-of-five, 33, who shared menacing video of herself setting fire to a photo of her ex-lover’s gran after he dumped her and started dating another woman is spared jail

A jilted mother-of five who posted a video of herself setting fire to a photo of her ex-lover’s late grandmother and saying: ‘burn b**** burn’ after he dumped her and began dating another woman 10-years his junior has been spared jail. 

Kerrie Middlehurst, 33, uploaded the offensive footage underneath a sentimental social media post by Carl Bellis after he left her in the run up to Christmas and started a romance with Porsche Bannister, 22.

In a hate campaign Middlehurst who had four children with 32-year old Mr Bellis during their 13 year relationship called him on Christmas Day to say she was going to smash his car and house up, and telling him he was a bad parent.

She also abused warehouse worker Miss Bannister sending her voice notes threatening to ‘smash her head in’ and kill her which prompted police to arrest her. 

This week at Warrington Magistrates court, Middlehurst from Cheshire pleaded guilty to one charge of sending a threatening message, two charges of sending an offensive message and two charges of harassment. 

Kerrie Middlehurst (left) waged a hate campaign against her ex-lover Carl Bellis after he left her 

Middlehurst was jealous of Carl’s new relationship with Porsche Bannister, 22 (pictured)

She was also issued with a three-year restraining order prohibiting her from contacting or approaching Porsche Bannister or Carl Bellis, except through a third party to arrange child contact and made to pay a £154 victim surcharge. 

Lucy McGowan, prosecuting, said: ‘Kerrie Middlehurst and Carl Bellis had been in a relationship for 13 years and had four children. They split in December 2022 and Mr Bellis had a new partner Porsche Bannister in February 2023.

‘Mr Bellis posted on Facebook about his children and his nan but te defendant commented by using a video where she was burning a photo of the complaint’s deceased nan whilst saying ‘Burn b**** burn’. On December 25 the defendant called the complainant threatening to smash his car and house.

‘In February 2023, the defendant started leaving abusive voice notes to the complainant Miss Bannister threatening to smash her head in and kill her.. She was also abusive to Miss Bannister. Miss Middlehurst was interviewed and admitted the conduct but said Miss Bannister had been threatening her in return on Snapchat and phone calls. We have no evidence of that.’

Middlehurst had 15 previous offences on her record between 2001 and 2021 including harassment and a public order offence. 

At an earlier hearing she claimed she hounded Mr Bellis after he left her on Christmas Eve.

Her lawyer Tony Birchall said in mitigation: ‘Her range of emotions are linked to he rejection, abandonment, fear, jealousy, insecurity and anger.

Miss Middlehurst is not able to think beyond her own hurt and I think that encapsulates what happened here.

‘She has experienced rejection and abandonment and it all stems from the difficulties she has had kin the past.

‘Issues that she faced as a child herself had a significant affect upon her mental health and well-being and her reaction has always been to strike out and behave in the way that she has done.

‘She was in a relationship for 12 or 13 years and there are four children here. I hear what Mr Bellis says about being affected and I understand that he has started a new family with his new partner. ‘

He added: ‘My client has behaved herself and she realises that the relationship has ended. I do express on behalf of the defendant her regret for the way she behaved.’

Middlehurst pleaded guilty to a string of harassment charges and was spared jail

In a statement Mr Bellis who has since announced his engagement to Miss Banister said: ‘Kerrie has been horrible to me and horrible to my children.

‘Since all this incident I have been affected mentally quite badly and it caused me to have severe anxiety and depression.

‘I have struggled to understand how someone could act that way to me when there are children involved. Having someone tell me that I am a bad parent, my self esteem dropped.

‘Most nights I had a disturbed sleep waking up in a panic, struggling to breathe. It took a while to calm down. I struggled to relax. I was anxious that Kerrie would turn up at my house and start sending messages again.

‘It has had a huge impact on me – but I have grown as a person and I have started to feel like a person again. We all need a break, a happy life and I now feel stronger. I just feel angry when I feel that she is getting away with what she has put us all through.

‘I feel I have neglected myself. I do not attend the gym or go to rugby anymore. I have no passion for fun anymore. I have lost my social life.

‘I need to get it all back. She knows how her actions affect me. Her actions caused me stress and she knows she knows that I will neglect me. I know this was a lady I lived with all this time but now that the harassment has stopped I just hope I can move on.’

Sentencing Deputy District Judge Arlegh Davies said the burning of the photo of Mr Bellis’s grandmother was ‘nasty’ added: ‘I’ve seen the comments on Facebook and the postings and I have heard about what you have saying about the children’s father. I think it’s dreadful and your behaviour was appalling.

‘I’ve read your report, detailing all of your background and I appreciate that it must be very difficult to deal with. But you need to get all the help you can moving forward for your children. 

‘You have got to get the help so that you can be strong for your children. You are responsible for them.’

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