You can prove you are a true genius if you can solve this problem and help the woman get to the roof in just 12 seconds | The Sun

ONLY a true genius can solve this brain riddle in just 12 seconds and help the woman reach the top.

Put your logic to the test and rack your brain to figure this one out quickly.

In this puzzle, the woman needs to get to the roof before her laundry gets soaked in the rain.

You need to find the best route for her to get there on time.

The puzzle is full of rooms and ladders that make up a confusing labyrinth.

You need to think out of the box to identify how many ladders will be used to reach the top.

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The solution has to be creative and a little different than what most people would come up with.

Brain teasers like this are for people who enjoy challenging their creative thinking with fun games and puzzles.

Look at the image carefully before deciding the final answer.

Scan and analyse the riddle with a great attention or you might miss a clue.

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Have you found a way to the top? If not, don't fret- we have a hint for you.

The trick is to look at open doors in each room connected by the ladders.

Did the clue set you on the right track to the solution?

If not, don't worry- we'll reveal the explanation at the bottom.

If you found an answer, then congratulations, you might be a certified genius.

In the meantime, try other brain teasers that will help you become a seasoned puzzler.

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If you had no luck helping the woman get to the roof, then look no further.

The answer is illustrated below, and the woman needed a total of six ladders to get to the top.

She needs to climb the first ladder up and go to the next room.

Then she needs to climb down and walk through the door.

After, she has to go up two floors before reaching another door and moving to the fifth ladder.

Finally, she has to walk through three rooms when she can reach the final ladder and climb to the roof.

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