I’m an interior designer – 7 top mistakes we always notice in your house, a floor faux pas makes your home less cozy | The Sun

AN interior designer has revealed the top seven styling mistakes she and other pros always notice in our homes.

Anything from the positioning of furniture to a floor faux pas could have the effect of making our sanctuaries less cozy.

The Havenly (@thehavenly), who has 30,000 followers, was aiming for a more-streamlined and airy look without appearing bare or cold.

"Here are the top layout mistakes that interior designers always notice," she said in her post.

Some were more obvious than others.

“Number one put your furniture in the centre of the room. Or even float your sofas and stuff a few inches off the wall.

“It creates more intentional and cozy seating arrangements and looks a lot better," she figured.

Her next niggle was the lack of practical surfaces. But she had a solution.

“Invest in a small drinks table or just a smaller pedestal table to scatter around your space."

Her third tip required some décor editing and the removal of some items.

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"Don’t overcrowd your dining room. You don’t have to have as many seats as possible tucked into your table," she advised.

"It can look spacious and that way everyone feels comfortable."

Flooring, or more particularly, rugs, came in for some criticsm.

"Ordering a too-small rug is definitely a faux pas," she said, but we've all done it."

She continued: "I think we’ve all been guilty of trying to just get the smaller size to save a little bit, but it ends up really impacting how cozy your space looks and feels."

Go large, she said: “A nice big rug in your space actually adds a lot."

Matching furniture was a big no-no in her opinion.

“It actually looks way better if you have some variety and just stick within a certain color palette," she urged home stylers.

She continued: “It definitely adds a lot of texture and contrast and is highly recommended."

Number six was a real bugbear of hers: the lack of lighting options.

"Start investing in floor lamps, table lamps. It really sets the mood, it sets the ambiance. It looks a lot better and it’ll just feel cozier," she said.

Finally, she came to the last tip, number seven.

“A lack of definition in open concept spaces is a really big one," she complained.

“You want to create little mini rooms within your open concept spaces.

"A rug can do that, creating intentional moments within on larger space," she wrote.

One commenter took issue with one of her hacks.

“When you have a small house with small rooms you can’t float furniture.”

But there were many more who liked her ideas.



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“I love the matching furniture," said one person.

While a second said: "These are fabulous tips, thank you.”

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