I'm still haunted by my wardrobe malfunction at the gym – I can't believe I was walking around like that | The Sun

A GYMGOER has revealed that she's still haunted by her wardrobe malfunction.

She couldn't believe that she was cluelessly walking around the gym, unaware of the gaffe.

TikToker Kaycee Col (@kayceecol) shared a video after the accident.

"Haunts me," she captioned the clip.

Kaycee began the video with a straight face. Her hair was blown out and she was wearing red lipstick.

"Thinking about the time I ripped my pants in the gym and didn’t know and walked around looking like this…" she wrote.

Kaycee kept viewers guessing for a few seconds, giving people time to read her caption.

At the 10-second mark of the video, she posted a picture of her wardrobe malfunction.

By using the green screen technique, she made the picture her background and stood in front of her pants.

She laughed and held her mouth, so the reveal still couldn't be seen.

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At the 12-second mark, she stepped to the side.

A hole at the bottom of Kaycee's behind could be seen. The leggings ripped right by her private area.

Some people in the comments section thought the incident was hilarious.

"Crying," one person wrote. " Awww haha no way. So funny," another said.

Others were surprised that no one told her there was a hole in her pants.

"I would've been your new best friend, I don't understand why people let other people be humiliated like this," a commenter added.

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