My two-part method to clean Tuppaware – it’s SO cheap and means you won’t have to bung them in the bin again | The Sun

THERE is always an awkward moment after finishing a packed lunch when you noticed the stains left behind on your Tupperware.

Rather than relegating it to the back of the cupboard or putting them in the bin, you can actually remove any leftover residue with this cheap cleaning hack.

Even more excitingly, it doesn’t require hours of scrubbing or soaking either.

In fact, you should be able to reclaim your lunch time as the entire process takes less than 60 seconds and you won’t even need to put washing up gloves on.

Originally shared by make-up guru Adi Kempler, the TikToker showed how easy it was to clean even the greasiest of Tupperware using paper towels.

As with all messes, you’ll need to make sure that you tackle this as soon as possible – ideally once you’ve finished that last bit of leftover pasta.

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To start, you should simply rinse off the plastic under the tap, before filling it with a little soap, water and a paper towel.

Once this is done, you’ll need to close the lid and give the Tupperware a good shake.

When you reopen it, the plastic should be squeaky clean and you can rinse off any remaining suds.

Though it’s incredibly simple, Adi claims that this cost effect hack has ‘saved’ her plastic tubs on multiple occasions.

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Given how effective this hack is, it’s not surprising that her video has gone viral – rapidly gaining over 4.5 million views on TikTok alone.

One commenter was a little awash after learning the simple hack, saying: “…so all I was missing was the paper towel? I've tried soap and water so many times, even soaking, didn't work. I'll try this next time!”

“Someone give this women a million dollars because she just helped a lot of people today,” another gushed after seeing the now-viral video.

A third also tested this Tiktok and wrote: “THIS WORKS! I don't know how many times I've thrown away plastic containers b/c I felt it was dirty when couldn't get out the stain!”

Meanwhile, others shared their own Tupperware hacks in the comments – although we’ve yet to confirm how effective these are.

This included simple letting your plastic soak in a mix of soapy water, with the commenter stating: “I usually just use dawn soap and let it sit in cold water for 20 minutes then it’s all cleaned.”

A sixth also suggested a much more, um, alternative cleaning hack, which possibly would be better suited to the summer months.

They said: “You can also just sit them out in the sun for a few hours.”

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It seems that the kitchen towel method is the way to go though, with countless other Tiktok videos also sharing the amazing hack.

After seeing this, there’s no excuse for your plastic tubs to be stained any more.

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