EastEnders stars arrested ahead of Christmas murder as two victims ruled out

EastEnders fans believe two of the seven "confirmed" victims of the Christmas Day murder have been ruled out following a shocking twist.

During Wednesday's (December 20) episode, which has already dropped on BBC iPlayer, Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) planned the ultimate revenge on husband Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) for his involvement in Eve's Unwin's (Heather Peace) disappearance.

Suki shared her plans with Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), revealed she was going to sedate Nish and force him to confess what he did to Eve. But after Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) blasted Suki to Nish for barging into the surgery demanding to lock up, he was one step ahead.

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When Nish arrived home, Suki had planned a romantic dinner for two as she urged him to drink his wine. But instead, Nish poured it all over the food.

Things immediately came to a head between the couple, with Suki demanding to know where Eve was before revealing all about their affair. Suki also revealed that she never had an affair with the man that Nish killed, but was actually involved with his wife.

Nish then taunted Suki by claiming he paid Eve £10,000 to leave Walford which she accepted. As he attempted to force himself on Suki, the police knocked down the door to arrest him for Eve's murder.

Earlier in the episode, the police continued questioning Ravi about his involvement in Eve' "death" following an anonymous tip off. They approached him once again, claiming Eve was seen in the back of his car. As they looked in his vehicle, Ravi was stunned as they found something incriminating in his boot.

With Nish arrested and Ravi likely to be close behind him, fans have questioned whether this means they can't be the unidentified male that dies on Christmas Day. Sharing their thoughts online, one asked: "Nish has been arrested and Ravi, does that still mean that they can't be the dead body?"

Another viewer added: "The unpredictability of #EastEnders right now my god it is sensational. Long held reveals coming in before Christmas, and instant confrontations once secrets are exposed. It’s not following any of the story patterns we expect, and it is SO exciting." Others praised the performances of Balvinder Sopal and Navin Chowdhry before branding it the best episode of the year.

One exclaimed: "THAT WAS THE BEST EPISODE IVE SEEN IN YEARS." A second agreed: "Oh my god. #EastEnders today. No spoilers but it's one of the best episodes." Another added: "Tonight’s episode is truly incredible. Balvinder and Navin gave an acting masterclass…I am honestly speechless. the talent OFF! THE! CHARTS!"

A fourth echoed: "Literally though tonight’s episode was as good as it was and that was just a partial set up for xmas just imagine how good the episode will actually be on the day." Another posted: "Superb episode of #EastEnders today. Particularly strong from the Panesars."

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