Emmerdale fans demand ‘badly behaved’ character is axed from soap – fuming ‘send them away!’ | The Sun

EMMERDALE fans have been left livid with Gabby Thomas over her blackmail plot of Billy Fletcher and have insisted she should leave the Dales for good.

Gabby, played by Rosie Bentham, has been hellbent on getting revenge on Nicky Milligan after discovering he was gay on their wedding day.

Feeling scorned by his lies and deceit and after discovering his true intentions of being with her after all, Gabby has been a wreck and unable to stand the sight of her ex.

Having gotten drunk a number of times since, she keeps making bad decisions – including making a pass at Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle).

Weeks on from her advances, she tried to use it as leverage to get Billy to "beat the living daylights" out of Nicky or she would expose the kiss to Billy's wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and insist that it was mutual.

But her revenge plot came crashing down when Billy exposed the truth to Dawn himself before Gabby had a chance leading to a furious showdown between the pair.

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Slamming her, Dawn barked: "You must be so desperate to come onto my husband one minute and seek this cheap shot revenge at your gay ex the next

"I mean self-respect really went out the window with you a long time ago." 

Gabby looked remorseful as she pleaded with Dawn: "Alright Dawn, you've taken enough poor shots at me."

Dawn then added to her: "OK, how about this then? I know we live together, but as far as I am concerned, we want nothing else to do with you. Have you got that? I said, have you got that? Good?"

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As Gabby appeared to agree, it left fans wondering about a potential exit for the character as she appeared to be left lost in the Dales with nowhere to go.

Many ITV fans were also left unhappy with her bad behaviour and insisted she must leave.

Writing online, one fan said: "Can we send Gabby back to Portugal please?"

Someone else added: "Kim, please send Gabby to one of those strict badly behaved teen camps in the USA #emmerdale."

Gabby did receive a stern telling off from Kim with one fan then penning: "Kim's saying it like it is. Stop playing the victim Gabby. Hopefully, it gets through to her."

Whilst a fourth said: "Good for Billy telling Dawn the truth. I think Gabby has to leave Home Farm as her behaviour is unacceptable. Gabby needs to leave Nicky alone, he is gay and not into her. Yes, Nicky's wrong but Gabby needs professional help."

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