ITV Im A Celeb star kicking and screaming as theyre drunkenly evicted from hotel after trying to break into another room

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starJordan North has opened up about one “good night” three years ago where he got drunk and “accidentally broke into someone’s room”.

Jordan,who appeared on the ITV show back in 2020, revealed all about the dramatic night in his new book Help, I Sexted My Boss, which he has written alongside podcast co-host William Hanson.

In an extract shared byThe Sun, the Radio 1 presenter explained how after a show in Glasgow he once got so drunk that he accidentally broke into somebody else’s hotel room, before being escorted out by security.

“A good night is when you can barely remember what happened and I’ve had many of them . . . I think, I can’t remember!” the extract began.

It continued: “After our Glasgow show in 2020 I went to meet a friend and I was so drunk I accidentally broke into someone’s room, got dragged out by security and bundled into a lift kicking and screaming but I never get in lifts because I’m so claustrophobic.

“Eventually at 5am I crawled into bed next to William. I’ve got myself into some states but it’s all part of the fun.”

Jordan’s revelation comes after he spoke to OK! abouthow he once fell asleep live on the radio after a night of clubbing in his early twenties.

"I was still trying to go out every weekend and get drunk with a weekend job at a station called Rock FM in Lancashire," Jordan said. "I went out and walked out of this club at 4am, but was on air at 6.

"I fell asleep in the studio. That's probably my biggest on-air blunder – falling asleep during a show. How have I still got a job in broadcasting?"

While Jordan and etiquette expert William may be an unlikely pair on paper, the duo’s friendship is stronger than ever thanks to their advice podcast, and now book, Help I Sexted My Boss.

In fact, William, who served the lateQueen Elizabeth II, evengave Yorkshire-born Jordan some tips when he recently metWilliam and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“We do have silliness and fun but he does give me advice,” Jordan told us. “I was with other broadcasters,Vick Hope, Katie Thistleton andDr. Alex fromLove Island and we were all so nervous.

“There is something about [Kate and Will] – they are experts in talking to people and they’re genuinely interested. It’s nerve-wracking meeting them, but it’s great. They’re very down to earth – they said they were going to have curry for their tea.”

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