My husband is obsessed with our boss' daughter – what do I do?

I discovered my husband is obsessed with our boss’ daughter after finding photos of her on his laptop – I have no idea what to do

  • A woman found out that her husband is into their boss’ 20-year-old daughter
  • The three of them have been working together since January 2023 
  • She is now filing for divorce and is unsure of what to do next 

A Reddit user was unpleasantly surprised to find out that her husband is obsessed with a woman that’s not her.

A woman using a throwaway Reddit account posted about her husband – who is also her co-worker – and his obsession with their boss’ 20-year-old daughter. 

She wrote: ‘January of this year, The boss brought her in, officially, letting us know that she will be taking over a good deal of his work overlooking things.’

‘We were initially hesitant, considering she was so young (Turned 20 this year) but ultimately, she wasn’t taking over, more so learning to handle the business while the boss managed other work I suppose,’ she added.

Now, the woman is questioning her job and who to tell about her husband’s obsession while preparing to divorce him. 

A woman on Reddit was shocked to learn that her husband became obsessed with their boss’ 20-year-old daughter 

The Reddit user explained that everything started a few months ago after their boss’ daughter would host office events that earned a lot of praise from her co-workers, including her husband.

‘We were all talking about her, so it didn’t feel too weird at first when my husband joined in on the praising… With hindsight, it seems like that was just his in on talking about her with me in general,’ she stated.

The wife mentioned that she began to feel like her husband compared her to their boss’ daughter, and that’s when everything got worse.

She said: ‘This slowly spiraled too, going from talking about her maturity to looks, how she can still look good while being so busy with studies and work…’

‘I asked if he thought she was prettier than me, he gave me a, “Of course you’re attractive to me, but objectively, like, not considering my attraction to you, she is prettier” This messed with me for a while,’ she added.

Their relationship began to deteriorate when her husband began praising their boss’ daughter, and comparing her to his wife 

Once she found her husband’s laptop a few days, his obsession with their boss’ daughter was clear.

The wife found a folder with the boss’ daughter’s name on it, containing more than 1,000 photos of her, some photos taken without the 20-year-olds consent.

‘This creeped me out, beyond anything, since it was almost impossible to place my husband, who I have always known as the sweetest guy, for the 6 years we have been married, as someone who would do something like this,’ she wrote.

Unfortunately, the wife later found more folders on his laptop that left her disgusted.

‘He basically had a folder poorly hidden deep in a number of folders, just full of photoshopped pics of her, some solo, some with him, some with other members of the office and some just absolutely vile and disgusting,’ she stated.

She left to stay with her pregnant cousin the next day, and had little contact with him for the next few days.

His wife confronted him shortly after finding inappropriate photos of the 20-year-old on his computer, and left later that day to stay at a friends house  

The Reddit user eventually went to the house while her husband was at work to pack her bags, and copy everything from his laptop onto a flash drive.

The wife and her friends, ‘waited and waited’ until he came home. ‘He was surprised to see us, but didn’t seem to suspect anything and I told him to sit down,’ she said.

Her husband admitted to growing attracted to their boss’ daughter. and made the folders to release his tension without harming anyone.

She and her friends eventually left him ‘sobbing and begging for forgiveness,’ not feeling any sympathy for him at all. 

‘I don’t really know what to feel. My minds a bit of a mess, and things are processing weirdly,’ she said.

Now, she’s left wondering what to do next and where to go now that their marriage is seemingly over.

‘I have been going back and forth with who to tell exactly,’ she said. 

‘I think it’s only fair I tell her and let her decide who she wants to share these with. I have made attempts to reach out, preferably outside work and I’ll let he decide how she wants to approach everything from her side,’ the wife added.

Despite being worried for the divorce, she is prepared to get legal counseling, and is currently staying with a friend.

She said: ‘I wanted to move in with my parents for a bit, but my gut is telling me that’s the last place I should go once the news breaks.’

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