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I learned the best anti-aging secrets from my Slavic grandmother, your hair is your crown and people notice it first | The Sun

A WELLNESS practitioner has revealed her best anti-aging secrets. She credited her Slavic grandmother for the useful tips, which paid special attention to hair. From an early age, Eden (@gardensof_eden) was taught that her mane was her crown and people always noticed it first over anything else. “Four secrets/tips from my Slavic grandmother," she said

Groom is slammed for 'ridiculous' outfit at his wedding – people say the dress code was 'found it in the garbage-chic’ | The Sun

A WEDDING guest has revealed the attire from the casual wedding they attended. Critics slammed the groom for his outfit, calling it "garbage-chic." The anonymous wedding guest u/lavender_dreams95 shared the groom's outfit in a forum dedicated to wedding shaming. The groom, although he was getting married that day, sported a casual beige T-shirt, paired with